Real Ear Training (Faber Music) now for sale!

Imagine turning on the radio, hearing a good song and being able to write the whole thing down – tune, chords, bassline and drums.

That’s what you can learn with Real Ear Training (Faber Music).
This exciting new book is the ultimate course for learning to hear, write down and understand music.

Here are a couple of sample pages:

Ideal for all levels, Real Ear Training provides step-by-step instructions with accompanying online audio to help you understand melodies, chords, basslines, rhythms, drum kit grooves and more.

This is the book I’ve been looking for all my life – it contains the secret to having a good ear!Ed Balls, economist and pianist  
“Help is finally here for today’s music students! This course brilliantly develops the essential ability to hear and transcribe music.” Darius Brubeck, jazz pianist and composer 

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